Abafil was established in 1977 by the Abati family and its founder Sergio.

Since its beginnings in the textile industry, the industrial division has focused its work on innovation and quality: guidelines handed down from generation to generation, which have contributed to writing over 40 years of history in the field of spinning and twisting.

Over the course of almost half a century, the company has remained true to its core principles, specializing in processing and treatment of cotton, viscose, polyester, polypropylene and blends.

The company’s wide range of products has been enhanced by the many processes and treatments fine-tuned over the years by its internal research and development department, supported by ongoing investment in machinery.

This forward-looking approach has made Abafil synonymous with quality, innovation and extensive knowledge of the sector. Over time, the company has developed a vertical production chain that allows it to supply customers with yarns manufactured according to their required characteristics.

Abafil Today

The second generation of the Abati family managed to anticipate changes in the textile market, renewing the company without abandoning its past tradition.

The manufacturing division continues to produce the range of yarns that has made Abafil a leader in the sector, while constant development and a focus on innovation have allowed the company to enter new markets.

The Group

Today, Abafil is supported by another company in the group, Tecnofilati Srl, founded in 1995 and also managed by the Abati family. This has contributed to the establishment of the current Abati Group holding company, which can now offer its markets both special yarns produced with traditional raw materials (Abafil Srl) and high-performance technical yarns produced with innovative raw materials such as: carbon, steel, copper, silver, bioceramics and graphene, sold under the Resistex brand (Tecnofilati Srl).

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