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The secret starts with the choice of raw material. For years, Abafil has relied on a team of experts who help the company to choose high-quality materials that offer a solid guarantee to its customers.

Abafil specialises in processing both natural and synthetic fibres, which has given its products an international scope, enabling the company to dialogue and cooperate with the

key players in the Italian textile sector, as well as to play a leading role in emerging markets. Abafil is recognized as being synonymous with quality and guaranteed punctual delivery of supplies.


One of the fibres that the company has chosen from among the highest-quality fibres available on the market, sourced from certified suppliers with which it has established long-standing relationships.

The main demand derives from the use of cotton in clothing and furniture, as well as for sanitary bags
on the shelves of beauty salons all over the world and for hanging tags and seals.

The company has developed expertise that allows it to perform operations ranging from processing of raw material to production of gassed and dyed yarns.
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Polyester is undoubtedly one of the most popular yarns on the market due to its technical characteristics, which guarantee its quality and durability.

It is tough and has a high resistance to abrasion, as well as to reactions to chemical and physical agents.
Many companies in the most varied fields rely on Abafil for the production of polyester yarns, which are then used for manual and automatic sewing machines, ribbons and zips.
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In the textile world, its silky sheen has earned it the reputation of being “artificial silk”.

Thanks to Abafil’s technical expertise, which enables it to handle delicate products such as viscose, the company is
a leader in the production of threads for hanging tags and seals, as well as for sanitary bags on the shelves of beauty salons all over the world.
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Polypropylene is a very versatile polymer that can be used both as a plastic and as a fibre.

As a fibre, polypropylene is used to make carpets for indoor and outdoor use. It is suitable for outdoor seats.
coverings, since it is easy to dye and does not absorb water. It is also ideal for making warranty seals and hanging tags.
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